February 19, 2018

Learn as if you were to live for ever…
About Us

What is it?

The Moron Independent is a WordPress content management system designed to help people search articles on various educational subjects.

How does it work?

We gather the latest articles and feeds of different school subjects and then we put it all together in one place that is easily accessible and easy to use.

What’s our purpose?

The purpose of The Moron Independent is that is serves as a tool that can be used for teachers, students or avid learners. We have created a place where you can search virtually anything pertaining to a field of education, read about it and then share it with others through social media.

What’s the idea behind it?

The idea behind The Moron Independent is to encourage learning and natural curiosity. We all are curious about how things work, where things came from, and how they developed. The Moron Independent fuels that curiosity by being a source you can come to look things up.

What makes us different?

The Moron Independent is not a search engine optimization rather we are more like a portal to information. The difference being that all our data is filtered and organized. We bring you only the credible and scholastic sources, not pieces of junk.

What’s up with the name?

The name of the website is actually one of ironic significance. Since this is actually a highly intelligent system that we use to gather information we chose the name “Moron” because we consider ourselves to be a little witty. The “independent” was chosen because we are an independent group.